Anthony Laureano

Facts About Anthony

• Associates in Criminal justice Manchester Community College
• New England Golden Glove Champion 2016
• National Golden Glove Semi Finalist
• Two time Western New England Champion 2015-2016
• I'm one out of seven children
• Had Honor Roll thought out High School
• Road bike everyday after school to Boxing as a kid
• Was awarded a scholarship in the Golden Gloves
• Work at Southern Auto Auction
• Didn't have natural talent in boxing had to work hard for the skill I have.
• Favorite fighter Micky Ward and Arturo Gatti
• Really started competing when I started training at my old trainers Garage. The garage had no ring in it just sheet rock that when sparing would brake when someone leaned on the walls.
• Didn't really have the easiest amateur career. I had loses and some people including my family had no faith in me. I kept of fighting and changed everything trainer, training and mindset. Then finally I started winning just blessed I didn't give up because look at me now. I'm a fighter that know what it is to lose and will do what it takes to win.
• Fighting runs in the family my father was a professional wrestler.
• My Father the one to put me in boxing because he wanted us to be active. He thought I wouldn't like it because I was soft. My brother started with me then later on I was the only one really taking it serious.
• I'm a Chistian and really involved in the church. Faith is really what drives me in the sport of boxing. Anything can happen but I have faith in a higher power. The church I go to is Spanish and called Iglesia Bet-et "Puerto de Cielo".
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