Sergei grew up in a small area of Russia and didn’t start Boxing until the age of 16. He grew up in a very modest home with a working Father and Mother. He began his amateur career in 2001 and went on to win many National and International titles. His overall amateur record was 154 wins and only 16 losses.

Sergei turned pro on October 9, 2009 winning a 4 round decision over the much more experienced Sergei Beloshapkin. In 2012 Sergei competed in one of the most competitive Boxing tournaments in Russia called “ToughFight”. The matches consist of one 12 minute round with no brakes throughout the match. Sergei won the tournament defeating current WBA Super Middleweight champion Fedor Chudinov in the final.

In 2013 Sergei joined the managerial team of Sergei Sozonov and Alexandr Bakhtin. Sergei has won 6 bouts under their watch with 5 coming by way of knockout.

Sergei was married in 2014 and he and his wife are expecting their first child in August.