Super welterweight, Wendy “Haitian Fire” Toussaint fights and trains out of Huntington, Long Island, NY, by way of Haiti. Toussaint is promoted by Hall of Fame NY promoter, Joe DeGuardia. Toussaint is also one of the main sparring partner of WBO World Champion, and fellow Long Islander, Joe “The Beast” Smith Jr.. In the ring Wendy aspires to be a world champion. Out of the ring, Wendy does whatever he can to work, and provide for his family.

Wendy who currently lives with his mother and brother left his native Haiti at the age of 10 and first moved to French Guiana where he began to box. After joining a local team, and traveling to different countries to fight, Wendy and his family made the move to the United States seeking better opportunity and competition.

Wendy works as a school bus driver, for Deer Park School District. Alongside this, Wendy is also a volunteer fireman. A workaholic type, if Wendy is not clocked in at his job, he is clocked in at the gym.

To those that know him, Wendy is calm, cool and collected outside of the ring, but when he gets into the dressing room on fight night, many have said they can see the fire in his eyes, and a change in his personality, almost like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Wendy is an action fighter with a high ring IQ who uses effective aggression to break down his opponents and is not afraid to go for the finish.

Career Highlight:

Wendy Toussaint vs Courtney Pennington | The Paramount | July 18, 2014

Super Welterweight Wendy Toussaint defeated fellow stablemate, Courtney Pennington via six round unanimous decision in a great, close fight on the undercard of Rockin’ Fights 14 on ESPN Friday Night Fights. Scores were 58-56 on all three scorecards.

Wendy Toussaint vs Jermaine Corley | The Paramount | February 28, 2020

Wendy "Haitian Fire" Toussaint picked up exactly where he left off, with a devasting knockout victory over the extremely tough, Jermaine "Real Steel" Corley. Corley has battled with top prospects, five of his last six being undefeated. Upsetting two of those prospects, Corley entered with same mindset, however Toussaint would have none of it, landing a devastating right hand that sent Corley to the canvas. To Corley's credit he got up ready to fight, however referee LoBianco did not like what he saw, and called a stop to the fight at 1:52 in the 2nd of the scheduled 6-round fight. Toussaint improves to 11-0 (5KO's).

Watch Toussaint-Corley fight here:

Wendy Toussaint vs Charles Conwell | Mohegan Sun | October 7, 2020

From the opening bell, Toussaint and Conwell remained at the center of the ring trading punches, gauging distance, and feeling out the oppositions power. Conwell, known for his body work, got right down to brass tacts, digging to the body, which Toussaint handled well through the first five rounds of the scheduled ten round bout. While Conwell was winning the rounds, Toussaint was always in the fight.

Toussaint who mainly fought behind his jab looking to counter punch, had his best round in the sixth, landing three punch combinations, finishing with a sharp left to the body. In the eighth round, Toussaint and Conwell traded as both men began to open up, feeling the pressure with the close of the fight impending. To no surprise, in the ninth, Conwell went on the attack, looking for the big finish. After Toussaint stood tall, taking Conwell’s best shots for the entirety of the fight, Conwell landed a big uppercut, breaking the nose of Toussaint, causing him to take a knee. Unable to continue Conwell scored the KO victory 2:42 into the ninth round. Conwell improves to 13-0 10KO’s, Toussaint falls to 12-1 5KO’s.